About Global Touch

Global Touch is your Marketing Partner Implementing the latest Online Marketing Technologies to Enhance Your Brand’s Position in a Highly Competitive World and Generate Higher Revenue Streams. We have a team of highly qualified marketing professionals who specialize in e-commerce, pay-per-click and search engine optimization, lead generation, content creation, conversion rate optimization, and performance marketing. With ongoing testing, adjusting, and optimization, we put our attention on the data that really counts to guide every conversation and choice we make. We ensure every opportunity is taken advantage of. Because our success depends on yours, we place a premium on maximizing your ROI.


Our Missions

To help companies thrive in a digital world and use the latest digital marketing techniques and technologies to build, maintain and grow their brand.


Your Marketing Partner Implementing The Latest Online Marketing Technologies To Enhance Your Brand’s Position In A Highly Competitive World And Generate Higher Revenue Streams.

A Statement From The Founder

I developed the concept of Global Touch. Global Touch was founded to give clients the greatest digital marketing experience. Businesses deserve the best from their creative/marketing agency. In my experience, the most common criticism leveled at online marketing agencies is their poor communication and disregard for detail. This is why I choose to base Global Touch on great customer service and well-thought-out strategies.

Web culture has become pervasive. It is crucial to building a brand and online presence for firms that reflects their quality and engages web users at a time when more people than ever are accessing the web and clicking through mobile phone apps. If a company doesn’t invest the time and resources into building and maintaining a strong brand identity, it will struggle to attract customers. I hope your time with any online marketing firm is fantastic, but if you’ve run into any snags along the way, please know that we’re here to help. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Sahabzada S Fahad | GlobalTouch’s  CEO

Super Efficient

Deeply Committed

Highly Skilled

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