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We ensure the effective promotion of your products and services through Email marketing

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Global Touch provides Email Marketing services to improve your business marketing strategy by lead generation, increasing brand awareness, strengthening brand-customer relationships, brand recognition, and increasing purchases. 

Email is not only useful in connecting billions of people and businesses all over the world but it also has been used as a powerful marketing channel. It helps in promoting your products and services by notifying your customers about new arrivals and the latest products.

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Email Marketing Service in Pakistan Packages

Our email marketing services can help you reach your audience in a more personal way and drive conversions for your business.


Email Marketing
  • Email Configuration
  • Automated Welcome Email Template
  • Automation Plan
  • Email Template Setup
  • 100 Words Email Writing


Email Marketing
  • Email Configuration
  • Landing Page Design
  • Thank you Page
  • 1 Welcome Email Sequence
  • Automation Plan
  • Email Template Setup
  • 300 Words Email Writing
email marketing service

Benefits of Email Marketing 


Creating Personalized content: You can customize your campaigns and identify your target audience. 

Collecting Feedback and Surveys: Email Marketing is useful in collecting customer experience and then using the results to improve your performance. It improves customer interaction and customer engagement.

Improve sales: Effective Email marketing strategy would result in increased sales. 

Communicate with your audience: Email help to improve brand recognition and brand awareness by actively communicating with customers and collecting their feedback and suggestions. 

Increase traffic: Email marketing will send your customers to your landing page and cause the organic traffic to increase. 

Increasing leads: Email marketing is used to generate leads and improve conversions. 

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